wondering human

[漂流者 reprouve]
梅村和史 Kazufumi Umemura
斉藤秀規 Hideki Saito
堀内まゆみ Mayumi Horiuchi

花田 亮 Ryo Hanada 他


2016.6/1- 12
Sapporo municipal museum,
Moerenuma Park and others in Sapporo city

Wrighter, Choreographer, Director: Mayumi Horiuchi
Planning & production: “Hyo-ryu-sha”
Performers: “Hyo-ryu-sha”
Kazufumi Umemura, Hideki Saito, Mayumi Horiuchi

Concept for work:
We formed Performance unit by three people working in each field, drama, dance and other performances. Performancing with body expression and dialogue, we traveled around Sapporo everywhere, drifting across the whole area. Making nine scenes from keywords such as “Happiness certifiers”, “Life games”, “Registration numbers”, with writing poems and lines, we constructed omnibus works.